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Biovet Enzymatische Toothpaste 100g

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Bio-enzyme toothpaste for removing dental calculus is a new type of compound enzyme special toothpaste for pets. It is designed for oral problems such as dental tarter, bad breath, dental plaque and so on.

For: Cats & dogs.

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Enzymatische Toothpaste for Cats & Dogs.


  • Glucose oxidase and lysozyme enzyme compound to promote the direct binding of negatively charged bacteria, with DNA, RNA, apoprotein to form double salts, to make bacteria to inactivate. Therefore, the enzyme has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; when cleaning teeth, can decompose dental bacteria and reduce the adhesion between tarter and tooth surface.
  • Food-grade silicon powder, in the process of friction with the tooth surface, can loosen the calculus and remove the softened calculus,; with double enzyme, remove tarter easily.
  • Alkyl glucoside extract, remove food residue, prevent sediment production and clean mouth.

Net weight: 100g


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